Those who have read a few previous articles about the data sharing features of Synology servers will surely have realized that having a data synchronization service on their own is better for many reasons but this does not mean at all that the services offered by the Big Internet should always be snubbed indeed, there are cases like the one I am talking about now, in which these services easily contribute to lightening the workload of our IT infrastructures. Now having to make a software library available for the production and processing of different types of documents, from technical drawings to the production of texts in pdf, etc., the need to allow anyone to download them has materialized. Considering that this operation could negatively impact the browsing speed from the office where the server is located, I set the SecuritySmartBox ShareSync application so that it synchronizes my local software library, on a remote Google Drive account. Subsequently I published the contents of the library with the publication tools offered by Uncle G and published the links on my company website. Thanks to this procedure, the result is that when I update my library with a new software either because it is updated or when I add new ones, they automatically become available on the company website without having to take care of anything except downloading them once, moreover any download will never impact the available bandwidth of my servers because it will be served by Goggle. Visit the DEV74 software library