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19 Jul Display any CSS3 and HTML5 site with Web Rendering Proxy on IBrowse AWeb and more...
28 Jun What made an Amiga unique 30 years ago and what makes it unique today
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Imagine that one morning like many others, you sit in front of your computer maybe in the office to turn it on and start your daily activities as usua..
13 Apr The dawn of relase 2 of the firmware for ZZ9000 !!!
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The advent of the ZZ9000 in the Amiga scene marked a turning point for the most dynamic independent and long-lived computing platform ever ! This new ..

Modern computers Vintage !

Commander X16

Commander X16

The Commander X16 is a project born from the nostalgic dream of David Murray, a talented young computer enthusiast. It is therefore a real 8-bit computer that is built with current electronic components but at low cost and easy to find in order to make this computer substantially, reliable and economical. Both of these characteristics are obtained with the adoption of electronic components in common use and always available on the market, therefore also cheap. The CPU used is a 6502 or WDC 65C02S @ 8 MHz, so in this case all the hardware is exposed, so to speak, no FPGAs were used for chip reproduction. The computer has the Basic V2 interpreter so it is fully compatible with the Commodore 64 but with some little adjustments or additions.

Mega 65

Personal computer 8 bit Mega65

The Mega 65 is still a prototype project, not yet marketed, which follows the path taken by the Commodore 65, left incomplete by Commodore. The development team declares that in addition to the compatibility with the Commodore 64 will be introduced many improvements starting from the Basic in version 10 to range then on a hardware of modern conception. It is not an emulator but a real 8-bit computer made with modern electronics and about 40 times faster than a classic Commodore 64.

C256 Phoenix

C256 Phoenix

It is a new computer that has already been produced and marketed. The intention seems to continue the Commodore saga after the C128, but with considerable improvements in terms of performance and hardware equipment. Even if it is an 8bit, contrary to other projects that take up the Vintage era reproducing too many limitations, here we have a basic interpreter in version 10, enhanced, and a lot of ram for programming, besides audio and video performances definitely higher than those of many other computers of the same category. Despite the fact that the price might seem a bit excessive, it is certainly an interesting solution in many respects, which should be examined in depth.

Amiga Shopping

MNT Research GmbH

This link will take you directly to the official website page for the sale of HDMI video cards VA2000 and ZZ9000 developed by MNT Research GmbH of Lukas Hartmann. Really impressive is the work done by Lukas and his Team in the realization of the ZZ9000 card for Amiga HiEnd systems in this 2019!


Hyperion Entertainment è una società privata belga-tedesca, fondata il 25 febbraio 1999 specializzata nello sviluppo di software su piattaforme Linux Mac e Amiga sia per l'intrattenimento sia per scopo professionale.

Acube Systems S.r.l.

Produzione e vendita Italiana di Hardware compatibile Amiga basato su tecnologia PowerPC, nel sito sono acquistabili anche software tra cui Amiga OS 4 per le varie versioni di MainBoard.

It is a Spanish store that has been selling products for Amiga systems since 1999. In 2013 they expanded their offerings by integrating specialized hardware and software support services for Amiga systems.

Alinea Computer

Con sede in Germania a Taunus presso Wehrheim fu fondata nell'ottobre del 2004 da Ricco Clemens e Simon Neumann, sviluppa software e giochi per Amiga e gestisce anche un canale di distribuzione diretto online tramite il proprio e-Commerce


E' una azienda Canadese che oltre ad occuparsi della vendita di hardware e software per sistemi Amiga fornisce anche supporto e assistenza tecnica professionale dedicata sia alla risoluzione dei tipici problemi riscontrabili sui sistemi Amiga classici sia in casi più particolari


Negozio Online polacco che commercializza prevalentemente hardware per sistemi Amiga, fruibile completamente anche in lingua inglese.


Negozio Online che vende hardware e software sia per PC sia per sistemi Amiga.


It is an e-Commerce platform for Amiga systems based on OS 4 because it requires a client software to be installed on your Amiga. Once the client is launched, you can browse all the products. To purchase, simply register an AmiSphere account and you can also make purchases.


Con sede in Svizzera è un negozio Online che commercializza hardware e software per sistemi Amiga, comprende anche un blog dove vengono pubblicate le novità del mondo Amiga anche se purtroppo tutto solo in lingua francese.


Based in Dublin, it is an online shop that sells mainly components and equipment for electronics, including accessories for retrocomputing and Amiga systems.

Developing Ambient on Amiga System


Exceptional software for the development of multimedia applications but not only, since it is multi-platform, it allows you to bring written software on Amiga even on other platforms and vice versa.


Incredible application development software! It is an IDE that hooks into the Amiga OS4 SDK or the formidable Hollywood suite and allows the management of projects in all its aspects, including the sharing via chat with users of the CodeBench Community for information exchange or integrated cooperation in project development , a really great software from every point of view and that you have to try to understand well.


VBCC is a powerful and excellent portable and multi-platform ISO C compiler capable of compiling software with high levels of optimization and is constantly updated: 04-Oct-2019: vbcc 0.9g. It supports ISO C according to the ISO / IEC 9899: 1989 standard and a subset of the new ISO / IEC 9899: 1999 (C99) standard, obviously offering full support to Amiga systems ranging from native Amiga 68k systems to both 2.x and for the 3.x to AmigaOS4 PPC passing through the PowerUp & WarpOS systems.

Ultimate Blitz Basic Plus

Ultimate Blitz Basic Plus è la reimplementazione moderna del noto Compilatore Interprete Blitz Basic per Commodore Amiga. Questa reimplemntazione bene organizzata e strutturata apporta grande valore alla comunità Amiga moderna sotto svariati punti di vista cosi come tutti i tool di sviluppo oggi attivi.

Amiga Resource

Amiga Warp CSLab

Manufacturers' site of the new WARP accelerator cards based on 68060 for Amiga 500 / 1200 / 3000 and 4000


Archivio relativo a tutto il software di pubblico dominio per tutti i sistemi Amiga, organizzato e strutturato per genere e per data e costantemente aggiornato.


Ebbene si è il sito dove trovare le ultime versioni della nostra Magica e unica Interfaccia Utente avanzata per i nostri Amiga sia 68k sia PPC.

OS4 Depot

Sito dedicato alla raccolta di software per sistemi Amiga basati su sistema operativo versione 4 e successive.


Extremely active and constantly updated blog I would say almost hour by hour and totally focused on the current Amiga scene with a lot of video channel and streaming content dedicated to all Amiga fans, a really excellent job for all of us!

Acceleratori Apollo - Vampire !

Sito ufficiale del Team di sviluppatori dei famosi acceleratori Apollo Vampire per sistemi Amiga.


Sito ufficiale dedicato ad AmigaOS 4 per sistemi dotati di processori PowerPC.

Amigans Net

Sito forum che raccoglie moltissime notizie e links ad altri forum che ruotano attorno al mondo Amiga.

Amiga News

E' un negozio Spagnolo che prodotti per sistemi Amiga fin dal 1999. Nel 2013 hanno ampliato le loro offerte integrando servizi si assistenza hardware e software specializzati per su sistemi Amiga.

DirectoryOpus4 68k

Sito che raccoglie e pubblica lo sviluppodo del famoso DirectoryOpus 4 per Amiga 68k.

Fantasy e Dintorni

Blog opened by a fan of games and information technology and which often deals with topics related to the Amiga scene, including several reference links and dulcis in fundo all in Italian.

Amiga Future

Sito della nota rivista Amiga Future con notizie anteprime e molto altro.

English Amiga Board

Forum interamente dedicati alla scena Amiga

Sito nel quale è possibile trovare preziosissime informazioni tecniche sull'hardware dei nostri Amiga attraverso anche i link contenuti nello stesso sito


Blog che raccoglie novità recensioni ed esperienze di riparazione restauro sistemi Amiga, in lingua inglese molto ricco di infromazioni e links


Site dedicated to news and software related to Amiga OS4 with references to projects and software being developed or already completed.


Sito di notizie forum e appassionati Amiga tutto italiano con aggiornamenti giornalieri sulle attività del mondo Amiga.

Amiga Sourceforge

Site dedicated to maintaining software for Amiga systems both 68k and PPC then OS4. The software covered is of high relevance for the sectors covered even if it seems that everything has been hibernated as far back as 2010.

SysInfo Page

Sito relativo al piu famoso programma di ricognizione informazioni e prestazioni per sistemi Amiga Classici.


Forum entirely dedicated to the Amiga world with many topics from gaming to hardware.

Amiga Aros Hardware Preview Available

Total power supply revision repair rebuilding for AMIGA system 2 3 and 4000 with latest ATX power supply Total power supply revision repair rebuilding for AMIGA system 2 3 and 4000 with latest ATX power supply
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Video Frame Buffer Card Colormaster AVideo 24 for Amiga 500/500 Plus Video Frame Buffer Card Colormaster AVideo 24 for Amiga 500/500 Plus
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The card is fully compatible with Kickstart 2.0, while with the 3 and 3.1 it can only be used with the TVPaint software (Original with Hardware key) t..
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PC Lenovo 9690 with AROS Icaros DeskTop full working inside ! PC Lenovo 9690 with AROS Icaros DeskTop full working inside !
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