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19 Jul Display any CSS3 and HTML5 site with Web Rendering Proxy on IBrowse AWeb and more...
28 Jun What made an Amiga unique 30 years ago and what makes it unique today
dev74 0 1473
Imagine that one morning like many others, you sit in front of your computer maybe in the office to turn it on and start your daily activities as usua..
13 Apr The dawn of relase 2 of the firmware for ZZ9000 !!!
dev74 0 2228
The advent of the ZZ9000 in the Amiga scene marked a turning point for the most dynamic independent and long-lived computing platform ever ! This new ..
03 Mar Special Speed Test ZZ9000 with 68060 and PowerPC 604e
dev74 0 2360
Post update...As announced several weeks ago, I was able to devote a little time to testing the actual performance of the ZZ9000. Beyond the purity of..
19 Jan Total rebuilding of Amiga 4000 power supply
dev74 1 2859
After almost 30 years the power supply of our Amigas can rightly no longer make it to turn on the computer! Before their death occurs in the worst way..
18 Jan ZZ9000 works fine also on Amiga OS4.1 FE with PowerPC !
dev74 4 3513
After several attempts at the end I found the correct way to achieve the purpose or to obtain the video modes of the ZZ9000 also working on Amiga OS4...
16 Nov All practical advantages of a ZZ9000 inside an Amiga 2/3/4000
dev74 1 5311
Many people wonder or think about whether a board like the ZZ9000 designed and manufactured in 2019 will ultimately bring real practical benefits and ..
04 Nov Aros Total Work !
dev74 0 2157
What is Aros ? Aros stands for Amiga Research Oprating System and is the result of the hard work done by many experts in advanced programming at the h..
23 Oct Inside ZZ9000...
dev74 0 1891
Always driven by curiosity to discover new worlds, a few days ago I set to work trying to compile the C sources published by Lukas on my own. Of cours..
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