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CyberSecurity based on NAS Server & SecuritySmartBox

The next generation CyberSecurity that integrates AI Services and Analytics Tools!

Next-generation scalable solutions to protect your IT infrastructure are a reality, thanks to a single powerful
server capable of simultaneously carrying out almost all IT security and resilience services required by the European NIS-2 and DORA directives

Integrated Security Advisor

The integrated Security Advisor allows timed system scans and the generation of event reports that can be consulted at any time.

Network Vulnerability Scan

The integrated Security Advisor allows timed system scans and the generation of event reports that can be consulted at any time.

Asset Management

Service for drawing up an inventory of hardware and software resources and devices in order to optimize and best manage ICT resources, avoiding risks and waste.

Multi Factor Authentication MFA

Access to the Server with user authentication based on multiple factors, from biometric to OTP code, facilitating and reducing the use of passwords in order to maximize system security.

Deduplication and Cross Version BackUp

Integrated BackUp service capable of managing up to 65535 data versions while storage space consumption is minimized thanks to cross-version deduplication of data.

Snapshot And Replications

Snapshot Replication is another professional system for data backup and recovery. With this system, if a user accidentally changes or deletes data on a volume or folder with snapshots, they will be able to quickly restore the data to the previous period, when the snapshot was taken.

Virtual appliance & Multi-Tenant

Unlimited possibilities both thanks to Docker technology for the implementation of vertical Virtaul Appliances and thanks to the complete Virtualization system for the management of actual Virtual Machines. In addition, all integrated system instances can be virtualized, replicated and deployed in a Multi-Tenant environment

Support 24/7/365

A systems engineer supervises the perimeter security of the network structure related to the server and will implement all the associated CyberSecurity policies.
Depending on the required needs and customizations, it can be a compact secure server of small dimensions, easily concealable, capable of carrying out both data security and advanced sharing, making them accessible and manageable from any authorized device.
...the advanced storage solutions used by big-tech companies to protect their data and interests...

Integrated services always available:

Secure BackUp of all your devices

Regardless of the NAS Server solution chosen, Agent Clients will be available for any type of device and operating system which will allow data backup to the server in multiversioning, with alerting services capable of revealing anomalies both in the data flow and in their consistency, which can also be verified at any time with a completely separate process.
Local Private Mail Server

Activating the mail server centralizes and facilitates the administration of the email service for all the necessary domains. Robust security thanks to support for DANE authentication which helps prevent Man-in-the-middle (MITM) and downgrade attacks by preventing important emails from being intercepted.
Universal secure access to data

Whatever your device, secure access to data will still be guaranteed thanks to the support of all the main sharing protocols at both the service and application levels. Each access will be manageable and monitored in a granular way and without particular complications.
Powerful data synchronization made easy

Integrated data synchronization services offer various data collection solutions both client-based and service-level across shared resources available across multiple servers. Windows clients allow completely independent and flexible data synchronization and backup activities.
Suite for secure private collaboration

Thanks to the powerful web-based control system it is possible to use a suite of productivity software compatible with the classic MS Office and always accessible directly from the web interface. You will be able to edit your Excel crowds, edit your Word documents from your browser regardless of the device you are using, tablet smartphone or notebook will not differrza.
Antivirus, FireWall and Security Advisor

Integrated security is guaranteed by various integrated and always available services. An antivirus package allows data analysis and automatic quarantine in cases of positivity, the FireWall allows you to limit access by making connections to other servers or network services secure. The schedulable Integrated Advisor analyzes the security implementation, highlighting the critical issues revealed.
Add On available:
Photo Station
With Photo Station it's easy to manage your photo archive, share and access files on the go, collect customer feedback and much more.

Sign and promote your photography business

Create personal galleries to display your photos online.

Set shared links
Distribute your photo galleries via a single shared link dedicated to each gallery and secure, with different levels of custom authorization.
Signature with watermarks
Protect and promote your creative photographs by signing them with watermarks.
Video Station
Video Station helps you manage all your videos, TV shows and home videos on your Synology NAS Server. Plus you can stream videos to a variety of devices such as computers, smartphones, media players and TVs for non-stop viewing and entertainment.

Uninterrupted show

You can watch videos without interruption on computers, mobile devices and digital TVs.

Without ever stopping
You can watch the videos in streaming or after downloading them to Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.
Stream videos to Apple TV, Android TV, Roku TV, Samsung TV, Google Chromecast and DLNA devices.
Audio Station
With Audio Station and its mobile app DS audio you can listen to high-quality playback, radio, manage your music collection, create a personal playlist and share it with friends.

Intuitivo e versatile

Audio Station is your intuitive and versatile music library to explore, share and organise your music collections in one place.

Don't miss anything
Protect the audio details of your music by streaming DSD or FLAC files to your high-quality player.
Customise sound effect levels for a top listening experience with USB speakers.
Add On available:

External Cloud Option

By combining an External Cloud Space you can have complete and up-to-date BackUp on secure DataCentres. This provides an additional level of security that would guarantee data restoration even in extreme cases where the Synology server NAS itself is physically compromised!

Video surveillance option

Synology servers integrate a very powerful professional video surveillance system whose recordings are compliant with European legislation and valid for legal purposes in Italy. From motion reconnaissance to alarms, there are no limits to the complexity of the reality to protect.

Antivirus options

Various ransomware malware intrusion protection solutions etc. are available with powerful anti-virus software that can be perfectly integrated at DSM level to offer full security and unparalleled system status control.