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Smart Working Remote Working and teleworking

When and why use data sharing, remote access or both ?

Two essential ways plus one, to work today without space limitations and more freely in the time available to everyone!

Data sharing

The sharing of data between IT devices is now possible thanks to the presence of countless dedicated services that simplify and facilitate its implementation. Synology Drive or Google Drive are two practical examples with which it is possible to put into practice the sharing of our digital documents between our devices such as WorkStation in the office and Notebook in the home environment.

Remote access

Remote access to the company's workstation is possible in many ways, but security is of paramount importance to avoid significant damage to your data and the company's data. Secure remote access with a well-integrated connection to the system means that you can work from remote locations, at your workstation as if you were sitting at your usual workplace and also use both local and remote peripheries as required.

Both ways

In some cases, in order to overcome inconveniences related to the software or the size of the data to be processed, it may be useful to work both remotely, when it is necessary to use licensed software available only for the workstation, and with shared data to be mono bound to the weight or size of the latter, or more simply to have maximum performance in their processing with a local computer.

Working remotely has never been so easy and safe with the latest generation of Synology Drive
Synology Drive allows you to work in Data Sharing mode between all your devices, with fast replication of your productions on the devices you have access to, allowing you to continue your work anywhere and in complete safety. Thanks to multi-versioning and integrated SnapShot services, you won't need to make backup copies.

Why choose our Smart Working and Tele Lavoro solutions:

Our remote working solutions are based on technologies designed and natively integrated into modern operating systems since their creation. This means that to create remote access services to your computer systems we do not use extra or third party software, wherever possible and except for the remote activation phase only. Our criteria for the implementation of remote work services give as a final result the possibility to obtain P2P or Peer To Peer remote access in total autonomy, without any external dependence, without any triangulation with proxy servers and moreover in total security because the connections are always encrypted, all this also translates into the fact that after the activation costs, you will no longer be subject to additional licenses or subscriptions of any kind to use the remote access service to your workstations.

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