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Registration is mandatory in order to avoid delays or unnecessary loss of time in retrieving information regarding the completion of the registry when an order has to be processed and an invoice has to be issued. The purpose of registration is to simplify transactions between DEV74 and any user for any request or purchase. Guarantees of reliability and corrections to the information provided can only be ensured by regular registration on the website . The data collected with the registration will never be used for any other purpose or sold in any case as indicated in the general terms and conditions DEV74. Furthermore, the user has the right to cancel his registration at any time and in total autonomy.

VAT is not visible because DEV74 has adhered to the flat-rate tax regime, therefore the VAT tax is not applied to invoicing.

Invoices are issued in all cases where new products or services are purchased. In other cases where invoicing is not required but is necessary, please contact us. DEV74 has adhered to electronic invoicing to guarantee to all its customers the maximum punctuality and transparency in tax transactions. A courtesy copy in pdf will also be sent to the email address indicated in the registry. To obtain an invoice it is mandatory that at least one of the fields, tax code or VAT number is filled in the registry of your account.

Usually we ship our products with the best courier available depending on the intended destination. All shipments are always traceable and on demand insured.

All purchases on are covered by warranties on both products and services, any exceptions or waivers are indicated in the cases limit at the time of purchase or on the description of the product or service.

It is allowed to place orders without necessarily making the balance at the time and without specifying a shipping method immediately. This can be done by selecting as shipping type the item pickup on site or to be agreed and for the payment method the corresponding payment in cash or to be agreed on the checkout page. In this case it will then be possible to subsequently agree on these steps as appropriate and possibly settle with credit cards or bank transfer at any time. In case of lack of agreement or impossibility of communication the order will be cancelled and the committed resources will be released.

In some cases orders on DEV74 can be cancelled and permanently cancelled, the conditions for which an order is cancelled are:

When the order is placed with options for payment and collection at the premises or to be agreed after 4 days without agreement or collection of the products at the premises.

When after payment irregularities are found on the information provided in the master data or when it is necessary to issue an invoice but the tax code or VAT number is not provided. In this case the funds are 100% refunded and the customer may be suspended on DEV74.