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New Special Corporate Agreements

Opportunities for growth, collaboration and cooperation

With the Special Corporate Conventions we want to help all those who work in the IT sectors and in particular all those who want to launch a business on the web whatever it is within the IT world. By joining one of our Corporate Conventions you have access to all our services at prices out of the market or for free! The Agreements for now are divided into 3 types, for those who develop on Amiga platforms, for those who develop hardware or software related to retrocomputing, and for those who develop hardware or software in general.

To access the Conventions simply fill out the form at the end of the page and based on the request you will receive a special discount code to be applied to Hosting services during the purchase phase.

Corporate Conventions

With this convention we want to support the difficult Amiga world by giving concrete help to anyone who can contribute to the growth or maintenance of Amiga systems regardless of the type of sector, Amiga Classic / OS4 / Aros etc. Free form *. The agreement is renewed from month to month in a tacit manner for 12 monthly payments. At the end of the time the agreement is renewable upon request. Whatever your business, if the object falls under the terms of this Convention, you can access it simply by making a request to DEV74. The reference in the footer of your web content of the type (by DEV74) is required
With this Convention we want to actively support those who develop both hardware and software related to "Vintage" computer systems without any exclusion. With this agreement you have access to all the services indicated at a negotiable monthly flat rate that starts from € 2 to rise depending on the resources required *. The reference in the footer of your web content is required (Hosted by DEV74).
With this Convention we want to actively support those who develop innovative hardware or software projects. With this agreement you have access to all the web services listed here at a monthly flat-rate cost starting at € 10 per contractable rise depending on the resources required. The reference in the footer of your web content is welcome (Hosted by DEV74). is a good channel to resell your products and services, if you have products both hardware and software or you have the possibility of being able to provide services related to the areas of belonging of the DEV74 activities, contact us by filling out the form below to be able to sell directly on our e-Commerce and thus have a new convenient and transparent sales channel.

All the technologies available in the Corporate Conventions

  • Web Hosting on dedicated Linux / VPS Server or Windows on request (Any CMS or Application)
  • Management and maintenance of domain names with dedicated DNS zones / IP AnyCast etc ... (* Contribution € 15 / year / domain) Release and acknowledgment of explicit ownership on authenticated document issued before the transfer which is not mandatory.
  • Apache 2.4 / PHP any version Or ASP Classic ASP .NET Any version
  • MySQL database with unlimited quota also on dedicated server
  • Unlimited Web Space / Inode
  • Dedicated HTTPS service through Reverse Proxy & LetsEncrypt or any other solutions
  • Unlimited band / 100Mbit
  • Direct access to data via FTP / or dedicated CWP in case of dedicated VPS or Dedicated Server
  • E-mail service on separate OVH dedicated server
  • Full daily data backup directly accessible and downloadable via HTTPS at any time 24/24 7/7
  • Dedicated supervision, continuous support service
  • Dedicated installation of applications and CMS on request, included in the monthly fee
  • No contractual constraint, only the terms of the chosen agreement are required.

Application for Corporate Agreements