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VAT is not visible because DEV74 has adhered to the flat-rate tax regime, therefore the VAT tax is not applied to invoicing.

Si DEV74 has adhered to electronic invoicing to guarantee all its customers maximum punctuality and transparency in tax transactions. The invoice is issued for all new services and products with the exception of used products for which the taxes have already been paid previously.

Usually we ship our products with the best courier available depending on the intended destination. All shipments are always traceable and on demand insured.

Registration is mandatory in order to avoid delays or unnecessary loss of time in retrieving information regarding the completion of the registry when an order has to be processed and an invoice has to be issued. The purpose of registration is to simplify transactions between DEV74 and any user for any request or purchase. Guarantees of reliability and corrections to the information provided can only be ensured by regular registration on the website . The data collected with the registration will never be used for any other purpose or sold in any case as indicated in the general terms and conditions DEV74. Furthermore, the user has the right to cancel his registration at any time and in total autonomy.