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Experimental Laboratory

FreePing Experiment - Year 2013 - Pre Beta Version
A dedicated area where past and present projects and ideas that have been partially realised or are in development are published.
YouConvention Experiment - Year 2009 - Alpha Version
It is a draft design of a web service that would enable the creation of commercial agreements directly and autonomously in P2P mode between business entities, while allowing final purchasers to join in an equally autonomous manner.
YouConvention Information
FreePing Experiment - Year 2013 - Pre Beta Version
It is a draft project of a service designed to create regulatory manage validate and invalidate relationships of cooperation between business realities and enterprises in order to offer economic advantages to the final consumer.
FreePing Information
ClusterVid Project - Year 2014 - Beta Version
ClusterVid is a Digital Signage project created to manage and distribute multimedia data with an integrated management of access rights to services based on a freely editable licensing policy directly on the administrative cloud side.
ClusterVid Information