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Synology Server

Discover the definitive server for all your needs!

Thanks to the PartnerShip with Synology we are able to offer effective and definitive solutions to any need for secure management and sharing of computer data of any format.
A single server for all your employees !

Speed and Power

We design the server based on your needs and structures by studying your data flows. Each of our solutions is always scalable and freely expandable without any influence on your operations.

Any Application

Thanks to the powerful integrated virtualization system we can guarantee all your operational needs in complete safety and without any compromise.

Always security

Security is applied at any level from the physical state of the server to the integrated FireWall, passing through data encryption, no instance related to the server will ever be private.

Support 24/7/365

Our infrastructure is able to provide support of any kind and accept risks 24 hours a day through all the channels known from the web to the most common chat services.
It is a compact server of small dimensions, easily concealable and super safe, for the storage management and advanced sharing of your data, accessible and manageable from any of your device with extreme safety, speed and confidentiality, without any compromise.
The server is available and can be sized according to your needs and the number of active workstations, both purchasable and with a rental formula. In any case, demonstration / training delivery and testing at your site are always included.
... all the big known companies use this kind of solutions
to protect their data and their interests ...

I servizi di base:

Secure mail server with no space limitations

The server can integrate a powerful e-mail server that allows you to exceed any space limit for storing emails for all your users. Finally it will be possible to use IMAP without space limitations on all your devices! It will also be possible to access through a web client from any location you want. The hardware dedicated to physical data security will guarantee the consistency of every single message for you forever.
Universal access Secure to all your data

Thanks to the latest generation integrated software, your data will always be accessible in complete safety from any Android / iOS Smart Phone device with free dedicated applications and from PC / Mac / Linux in the presence of any Internet connection. With any browser like Opera Chrome or Firefox you will always be able to access your server to upload download move share delete any file, you can view photos set up sophisticated photo galleries, view pdfs without having to download them, upload excel or word sheets and edit them directly from the browser to share the contents on the fly without having to download and much more.
"Drop Box" function without any limits

The functions included for data sharing allow you to define one or more folders from your computers and to share and synchronize the content on other devices without problems or quota limits or occupied space, this means that you will have a service in all and for all all the same as the classic DropBox but without the limitations imposed by the tariff plans offered by the operator.
Suite for secure private collaboration

Thanks to the powerful web-based control system it is possible to use a suite of productivity software compatible with the classic MS Office and always accessible directly from the web interface. You will be able to edit your Excel crowds, edit your Word documents from your browser regardless of the device you are using, tablet smartphone or notebook will not differrza.
Integrated Professional Antivirus

Integrated security is not limited to checking data consistency but also offers powerful automated antivirus solutions that isolate threats resulting from an internal scan of the entire volume.
Find out how to definitively resolve every issue related to the security of your data !

Synology Server - Professional Line 2018 / 2019

Server NAS Synology DiskStation DS218+ Server NAS Synology DiskStation DS218+
Novelty ! New Product !
Compact yet powerful storage solution Equipped with a dual-core processor and AES-NI hardware encryption engine, DS218+ delivers exce..
Ex Tax:595.00€
Server NAS Synology DiskStation DS718+ Server NAS Synology DiskStation DS718+
Novelty ! New Product !
NAS server equipped with quad-core processor and AES-NI hardware encryption engine, the DS718+ offers excellent file transfer speeds. Scalable, with t..
Ex Tax:690.00€
Synology Server NAS DiskStation DS918+ Synology Server NAS DiskStation DS918+
Novelty ! New Product !
High-speed, scalable storage server designed for small and medium businesses and IT enthusiasts. With a powerful built-in AES-NI hardware encryption e..
Ex Tax:789.00€
Expansion Unit for Synology DX517 NAS Servers
Novelty ! New Product !
Expansion unit that allows you to expand the storage space of Synology NAS servers by allowing you to create volumes on different drives with the foll..
Ex Tax:589.00€