I don't know if you've ever heard or read this word "ramsonware" somewhere, but you've certainly heard of computer viruses, and in this case those of the "steal data" type. Basically for some years now it is fashionable to circulate viruses which, once activated, encrypt all the data present in your PC and if present also those contained in all the network devices that share the storage spaces. Thanks to the powerful real-time backup services available on Synology servers it is possible to obtain a copy of your data in multiple chronological versions in a completely automated and transparent way. This means that if I am working on the writing of my book or my thesis and save the changes daily on the same file, I can view an old release at any time based on the number of chronological versions I have chosen to store in the Multiversion BackUp service. If a virus that encrypts me a year's work attacks me today, I can recover the version of yesterday that is healthy and resume my work from the previous day instead of starting it again and all thanks to one of the many security services available from the latest generations of Synology servers.