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01 Feb How to manage passwords without having nightmares
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Probably one of the most widespread dramas among domestic users in this computer age is password management. Many people continue to evade the problem..
12 Dec Fix 1V8 / 3V3 of my ZZ9000 with the track cut !
dev74 0 1566
A few months ago a design problem emerged on the ZZ9000 boards for Amiga, which was immediately reported and extensively documented by MNT Research Gm..
08 Dec What measures should be taken to protect computer data beyond classical copying ?
dev74 0 1401
In the field of computer security, local copying is an excellent starting point but it is not the only aspect to consider in order to keep your data s..
24 Oct Three fundamental types of e-Commerce to distinguish and understand
dev74 0 1372
The e-Commerce, a service offered by the web for several decades now and in continuous growth, differs mainly in three categories recognizable by thes..
12 Oct Migrate 6 years of work and software from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with latest generation hardware
dev74 0 1255
Transferring a Windows 7 installation to a new PC equipped with the latest hardware is not easy if not impossible. This gets serious especially in cas..
18 Jul MNT Reform the serious, solid and personal open source notebook !
dev74 0 2444
In a world where privacy is an increasingly confused concept, obscured by useless and bizarre regulations of little practical sense, finding a persona..
13 Apr The dawn of relase 2 of the firmware for ZZ9000 !!!
dev74 0 2325
The advent of the ZZ9000 in the Amiga scene marked a turning point for the most dynamic independent and long-lived computing platform ever ! This new ..
09 Mar All your computers for one and one for all against CoronaVirus and many other diseases!
dev74 0 2707
Given the moment, like me, many others would like to contribute in one way or another to the fight against this pandemic that has been raging on the p..
07 Mar Smart Working and TeleWork two sides of the same coin not only in CoronaVirus time !
dev74 0 2206
Smart Working means working flexibly and comfortably and therefore at times that suit your needs, but not only that, what if we made the place flexibl..
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