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Brand: Gelid
The SIB01 is a designer cooler with low noise and high airflow, contains a 92 mm silent fan with intelligent PWM control and a suitable heat sink made of high-quality aluminium. Gelid's intelligent PWM control has achieved the best noise-cooling-price ratio in its class and allows users to set the f..
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Slim 1U CPU Intel Socket 775 (CC-SSilence-iplus) 1U CPU heatsink Slim 1U CPU Intel Socket 775 (CC-SSilence-iplus) 1U CPU heatsink
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Brand: Gelid
- Compact cooling system ideal for installation on Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX*, the height of only 28mm allows for installation in slim houses- High-performance heatsink thanks to rapid heat exchange between the centre and the aluminium fins- With integrated bearing fan, very quiet but extremely effic..
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Brand: Gelid
GC PRO è una pasta termoconduttiva realizzata con purissimi materiali a conduzione termica e offre eccellenti proprietà termiche. Grazie alla struttura molecolare ultra fine, GC-Pro riempie gli spazi in modo più efficace rispetto ai materiali convenzionali e quindi garantisce un contatto ter..
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