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Tenda Technology is a manufacturer of networking solutions. Founded in 1999 in Shenzen, China, it is committed to providing innovative and cutting-edge products for easy to install, cost-effective connectivity to meet user needs.
Brand: Tenda
The WL-N301 router is designed for home use. It is IEEE802.11n compliant and offers wireless speeds of up to 300 Mbps, making it perfect for everyday tasks such as web-mail, chat, streaming video, online games and much more. It can also function as a client router to connect wirelessly to your ISP n..
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Brand: Tenda
The I-WL-F3 Tent Repeater Router is specially designed for the needs of an intelligent network. The 3 powerful 5dBi high gain omnidirectional 5dBi antennas allow you to boost Wi-Fi coverage up to 200㎡. The F3's high-performance chip ensures fast and stable wireless connections and makes this router ..
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Brand: Tenda
This high power 802.11n WiFi router is designed for medium and large homes. It is equipped with four high-performance 5dBi external omnidirectional 5dBi antennas which, together with amplification technology, ensure a stable WiFi signal of up to 300Mbps and coverage throughout the home. Timer manage..
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WIFI Powerline Extender for electrical system N300 PW201A WIFI Powerline Extender for electrical system N300 PW201A
Brand: Tenda
The Powerline N300 Wireless PW201A Powerline Extender uses existing electrical wiring in the home to create a wireless network. It also extends the powerline network into every corner of your home without the clutter of cables. Compliant with Homeplug AV and the IEEE802.11n standard, this powerline ..
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Router Broadband Tenda WR311R+ Router Broadband Tenda WR311R+
Reconditioned !
Brand: Tenda
Router Broadband con Access Poin WIFI integrato e switch fast ethernet da 4 portePerfettamente funzionante in condizioni estetiche discrete, riporta degradazione del colore dal tempo...
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