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Alternative distribution of AROS by courtesy of AMIGASYSTEM:

AROS one is characterized both by the introduction of new applications and by other significant improvements, among the new features is a correction of the "Cassette Icons" where AMIGASYSTEM has improved the appearance and added the classic "Glow" used in Icons OS3.9 and OS4.

AROS one is a free and free Operating System, developed to be compatible with Amiga OS 3.x or the Amiga Operating System in its Classic version, Aros works on many Personal Computers and can generally be started directly from this Live DVD on almost all x86 PCs. Compatibility with the hardware depends on the internal components of the computer on which you are trying to install it. A good compatibility allows you to enjoy all the software included in this DVD which includes a truly remarkable collection, there are many Graphic Demos and 3D games with which you can have fun and discover an operating system that will not fail in any case of be amazed by immediacy and readiness to use.

No warranty of any kind is given on all software in any case and condition.

  • Plastic Cover
  • For x86 CPU

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