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Kenwood M-94 Black Pearl Midi Stereo HIFI System

Kenwood M-94 Black Pearl Midi Stereo HIFI System

Exceptional HI-FI Stereo system coordinated TOP of the range also named as The Black Pearl Kenwood M-94, produced in the distant 1990 was the only one able to pour CD Audio on cassettes at twice the normal speed, the only one to include a graphic parametric digital audio equalizer that can shape the audio to your liking or to adapt it to the environment in which you listen to music, unique also the SubWoofer with dedicated remote control that in addition to allowing the control of the timing, is able to unleash extreme bass beyond any plausible imagination and tearing to pieces the modern audio solutions on the market today! An authentic work of electronic engineering to be admired today more than ever after more than 30 years since its construction!

consisting of:

    Fully functional A-94 dolby surround sound amplifier
    Fully functional graphic and parametric equalizer GE-940
    Dolby B & C Cassette Plate with HX-Pro X-94 fully functional
    Fully functional AM FM radio T-94
    Fully functional DP-940 CD player
    Acoustic case for central channel, original Kenwood CS-6 model fully functional
    Acoustic speakers for Dolby Surround Back, original Kenwood, CM-5ES model, fully functional
    Fully functional, original Kenwood amplified subwoofer, model SW-900
    Remote control for control of the entire system, original Kenwood, fully functional RC-94E
    Remote control for SubWoofer control, original Kenwood, RC-900
    Midi cabinet
    Cable for complete interconnection with accessories
    Original manuals in good condition

Matching elements not present in the system:

    Front speakers (freely combinable with any brand and model)

For this item is not available for shipping, you can purchase and pick up by hand in Via Dei Tigli 7 Taunus Numana (AN).

The system is guaranteed to be fully functional at the time of purchase but no further guarantee can be given for any defects or malfunctions that may occur after purchase due to the fact that these are Vintage devices aged 30 years or more.

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