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Personal Sync Drive 250

Personal Sync Drive 250
Personal Sync Drive 250

It allows you to keep all your files on all your devices up to date regardless of the type or operating system you intend to use. Allows multi-version synchronization up to 400 GigaBytes of data per user with a cheap monthly subscription.
In principle the operation is the same as the well-known DropBox but with the advantage of the multiversion maintenance service that can be modulated according to your needs. The Multiversionig allows you to return to the previous state of a certain file in case it has been accidentally modified or even deleted. It is possible to specify the number of versions to be maintained and the time frame when purchasing the service.

  • Space available for storing synchronised data: 400 GigaBytes
  • A user account that can be used on any device simultaneously !
  • Dedicated software applications for Windows, MAC iOS and Android platforms that can be downloaded directly from our Download area.
  • Monthly subscription service

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Payment Profile

Payment information for subscriptions:
The subscription for this service provides for the monthly advance payment of the expected subscription fee. Payment can only be made by credit card and can be cancelled at any time without restriction. The renewal is tacit monthly so the service will be automatically renewed from month to month and the fee will be charged automatically from month to month until cancellation. The cancellation can be made autonomously from your account or by notifying DEV74 directly by telephone by e-mail.
Time of realization and publication:
The activation time for this service is from 24 to 48 hours from receipt of the order and verification of the transaction. As soon as the service is tested, access credentials and basic instructions for accessing the services will be sent depending on the system and software used.