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ZZ9000AX Amiga Audio Expansion for ZZ9000 Hybrid Graphics board

ZZ9000AX Amiga Audio Expansion for ZZ9000 Hybrid Graphics board

ZZ9000AX is an expansion module that adds high fidelity audio inputs and outputs to Amiga systems and requires a ZZ9000 board to operate.

    High fidelity Analog ADAU1701 audio codec with 28/56-Bit SigmaDSP® processor
    16-bit (per channel) stereo sound output at 48000 Hz (DAT quality)
    Mix in and enhance Amiga Paula audio and/or analog CD Audio
    16-bit stereo sampling (not yet supported by software: driver in development)
    4x RCA connectors for line inputs and outputs
    AHI driver
    MHI driver for MP3 decoding on ZZ9000
    Add dynamic effects like graphic EQ or chorus and create your own DSP programs with free SigmaStudio software (on Windows)
    Active op-amp output filter stages
    4-layer design with solid ground planes for optimal signal quality
    Open source drivers and firmware, PDF schematics
    Includes all required cables to connect to ZZ9000 and a steel slot bracket.

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