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How to set up your inbox on Thunderbird

To configure the email service provided by DEV74 on your Thunderbird mail client you need a few simple steps and little information. First of all, you need to know the name of the server on which the Thunderbird mail client is going to make all the control requests for the incoming mail sent etc., then:

Server name (Applies to POP / IMAP / SMTP):

This server name therefore applies to both outgoing and incoming mail. It accepts all connection types on all standard ports but clearly I strongly recommend you to opt for SSL / TLS encrypted connections.

At this point you may be wondering how to set it up ? POP or IMAP ?
The POP protocol allows you to download mail to your server by permanently deleting it from the server and keeping the amount of dedicated space always free, but it is not designed to encrypt emails with other users.
The IMAP protocol is instead oriented to the sharing of the mailbox with other users and you can synchronize the folder schema between the client or Thunderbird and the server, but this will have an impact on the amount of space allocated to the mailbox.