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Leader in the production of devices for secure data storage both on the software side with the powerful DSM and on the hardware side with the latest generation of scalable NAS devices
Brand: Synology
Expansion unit that allows you to expand the storage space of Synology NAS servers by allowing you to create volumes on different drives with the following models:20:DS720+ Series19:DS1819+, DS1019+, DVA3219 Series18:DS1618+, DS918+, DS718+, NVR1218 Series17:DS1817+, DS1817, DS1517+, DS1517 Series16..
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Brand: Synology
Powerful and scalable storage solution Synology RackStation RS818+/RS818RP+ comes with a quad-core processor with the AES-NI hardware encryption engine, quad 1GbE LAN ports, and optional 10GbE NIC support. It provides both high performance and a scalable storage solution for sharing files..
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Brand: Synology
The DS1019+ is the ideal choice for SOHO users and IT enthusiasts to accelerate productivity and ensure perfect streaming of multimedia content. It supports versatile applications including collaboration, file sharing, virtual machine deployment and data backup solutions for flexible customization t..
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Brand: Synology
Compact yet powerful storage solution Equipped with a dual-core processor and AES-NI hardware encryption engine, DS218+ delivers exceptional file transfer speeds. Supporting real-time 4K video streaming, DS218+ is ideal not only for protecting critical data but for storing ..
Ex Tax:595.00€
Brand: Synology
A high-performance NAS with a 2-core processor and M.2 SSD slots with NVMe 2280 built-in cache acceleration, the DS420+ is ideal for data sharing, video streaming and photo indexing. It has 4 compartments for both 2.5 and 3.5-inch SATA disks, front and back USB 3 port, two poert LAN gigabit ports...
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Brand: Synology
It is a powerful scalable but small storage server that connected to the network simplifies and enhances the management of data and multimedia content. Two integrated M.2 SSD slots and Synology SSD Cache technology improve system I/O and application performance. The scalable storage design allows yo..
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Server NAS Synology DS411
Reconditioned !
Brand: Synology
Synology NAS with 4 slots for 4 SATA hard disks, in functional and aesthetic condition like new! Complete with original power supply...
Ex Tax:199.00€
Brand: Synology
Synology DS1819+ server-based storage solution with included, secure, 20 TeraByte data storage space consisting of 4 hard drives in RAID6 configurationPossibility of immediate expansion by adding an additional 4 hard disks on the server's available compartmentsStorage internally expandable up to 128..
Ex Tax:3,650.00€
Brand: Synology
Synology DS420+ server-based storage and IT services solution with 20 TeraByte secure data storage space consisting of 4 hard drives in RAID6 configuration. Pre-configuration of all required / available services and generation of administrative credentials.2 GB RAM memory expandable up to 6 GB with ..
Ex Tax:2,950.00€
Brand: Synology
Synology original RAM memory module to expand the RAM memory of Synology NAS. Compatible with the following models:DS620slim, DS918+, DS718+, DS218+, DS418play..
Ex Tax:98.00€
Brand: Synology
I'ts an original Synology memory RAM module DDR4 SODIMM. This D4NESO 2666 4G can be used to expand the RAM memory of Synology NAS. Compatible with the following models:RS820RP+, RS820+, DS2419+, DS1819+, DS1618+, DS920+, DS720+, DS420+, DVA3219Memory Type: DDR4 non-ECC unbuffered SODIMM..
Ex Tax:129.00€
Brand: Synology
Synology DS218 features a 64-bit quad-core processor that delivers excellent data transfer rates and full support for complex applications such as streaming multimedia content synchronization and file sharing. Data can be further protected with support for RAID 1 disk mirroring. In addition to inter..
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