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If you buy more than one item you get a discount on shipping costs! In fact, for more than one item, the shipping cost may not be increased if the total weight and volume of the items purchased does not exceed a certain threshold. For more information on shipping costs visit the Support Centre page or the Shipping section on each item page.

If you have never registered on DEV74, when you do you will be credited 1€ on your account which will be obviously cumulative with the ones you can receive from other promotions in progress. Your credit does not expire and can be spent on any product or service at

If you leave reviews on products or services on the site you will receive 1€ for each of them! The accumulated credit will be available in your account and can be used for any purchase on Your credit never expires and can always be combined with the credit you receive for other bonus promotions etc.

Credits earned on can also be spent on products or services invoiced by DEV74 outside the catalogue on request.