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AeroCool was founded in 2001, from the beginning the primary purpose of the company was to provide solutions for thermal management in both industrial and home computers with attention and care in the design and quality of each product.
Brand: Aerocool
This PC case is characterised by clean lines, quality materials and essential features for gamers; possibility to install graphics cards up to 374mm, three USB ports in the top panel of which two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0, removable dust filter in the top and bottom panel and possibility to install up..
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Brand: Aerocool
Aerocool presents the new model of the series PGS-V (Performance Gaming System); The Battlehawk is a Middle tower case full white, aggrssivo desing and impact, has a large side window and two fans preinstalled 120mm of which one (in the front panel) with LED Blue that create a pleasant light effect ..
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Brand: Aerocool
Aerocool P7-C0 is an elegant ATX middle tower PC case with exceptional aesthetics. Frontal LED lighting with 10 different colours and 4 modes of operation, on fixed, oscillating, automatic cycle and off. The front panel can accommodate up to 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fans, and there is also a large fil..
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Brand: Aerocool
The Aerocool P7-C1 Pro features all the functionality of the P7-C1 with Tempered Glass and adds to the look and functionality with the P7-H1 and 3 P7-F12 LEDs. Here are the specifications: Aerocool introduces the P7 series, taking looks, quality and performance to a whole new level. Materials of the..
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Brand: Aerocool
LED RED Dual Ring Lighting DesignEquipped with RGB LED lighting to give your configuration a stylish touch while improving heat dissipation performance. Monitor Fan RPMMonitors up to five compatible fans with 4- or 3-pin connectors via P7-H1 (Project7-Hub1) Curved Fan Blades The curved fan blades ..
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Brand: Aerocool
The Shark fan, Aerocool's top of the range fan, has 15 blades with a fin profile that allow it to push a large amount of air while maintaining a very low noise level. The fin-profile blades are ribbed to reduce turbulence in the airflow and maximise speed, so the 120mm Shark fan at 1500rpm is capabl..
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Brand: Aerocool
Aerocool introduces the Strike-X Cubee gaming series with the Strike-X Cube Black Edition case, which features a horizontally oriented motherboard housing and a cooling system that supports not just one but two watercooling systems simultaneously. This super case is designed for gamers, it takes the..
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Brand: Aerocool
Aerocool VX Plus la nuova serie di alimentatori ATX prodotta dal noto produttore taiwanese.Design completamente rivisto rispetto alla prima serie VX, migliorato il reparto di trasformazione della corrente con enfasi all'erogazione sulla linea +12V, 3,3V e 5V.Il raffreddamento garantito dalla vento..
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Brand: Aerocool
The VX-400 PSU is suitable for entry-level PCs but offers all the features of a modern power supply: 12 cm quiet fan with thermal speed control, made of high-quality SECC material, black in colour. Supports the energy saving mode C6 / C7 on Intel Haswell CPUs. The powerful single + 12V lines offer t..
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