What is Aros ? Aros stands for Amiga Research Oprating System and is the result of the hard work done by many experts in advanced programming at the highest levels. Aros is an Operating System written in the image and likeness of the 3.x version of Amiga OS, but its code was created to run natively on standard x86 processors and architectures, and also others, while maintaining a certain compatibility with the Original Amiga Classic OS, can now take advantage of the now mature emulation layers and run even more stubborn 68k software. Recently I had a Lenovo PC that I reconditioned by installing the latest relase available to the public of Icaros DeskTop that is the 2.2.8 full version with all the Extra software included and all the SDK and Tool for the development of applications in various languages from C to BASIC. I tested OWB that currently seems to be the most powerful Web browser available for the Amiga platform, able to manage CSS3 style sheets and allows a discreet and rather fast navigation. I've tested almost all the DEMOs and all the 3D Games and basically 99% of the software works. The applications are no less interesting especially the very interesting ZuneFig that pass me the term seems a "cool" ! There is everything in Icaros DeskTop from mp3 players to software for sampling and mixing audio tracks, from text editor to word processor and soon there will be big news about it too. This small PC basically consists of hardware compatible with the available drivers of Aros so you can do a bit of everything, we can exchange data and files with USB sticks, as long as we do not leave them inserted when we reboot or turn on the computer because they bother a bit :) ... You can chat, send or receive files via ftp, view almost instantly pdf files as well as all kinds of images and much more without adding anything to what is already installed on your computer and do not forget that on the internet you can find new software for Aros every day non-stop. The computer itself is in good aesthetic condition and despite a few scratches it works perfectly, it has 2GB of DDR2 RAM and a decent Pentium, certainly not the i7 of today but you will be impressed by the use of memory or the speed of loading data in general etc.. I haven't optimized anything, so the boot is fast, but not as fast as it could be by removing all the direver that you don't need from StartUp-Sequence. I have configured the graphics to make it more Amiga frendly for those who want to approach Aros from an Amiga Classic, considering that the system is totally configurable to your liking.