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06 Feb Cryptocurrencies: an advantageous gateway with
dev74 0 875
In recent years, the cryptocurrency trend has gained momentum and in fact we are hearing more and more about it. But what are cryptocurrencies and how..
06 Dec Recommended procedures for safely installing and maintaining a NAS server
dev74 0 982
In this short post I would like to summarize the best practices to install and safely maintain a NAS server and avoid having bad and sudden surprises ..
10 Sep LibreOffice, all the practical advantages in everyday use
dev74 0 1275
Libre Office is a free and open source office suite, created by The Document Foundation, and continuously developed by a wide audience of programmers ..
19 Jul Display any CSS3 and HTML5 site with Web Rendering Proxy on IBrowse AWeb and more...
01 Jul Performance and merits of Mozilla Firefox versus Google Chrome
dev74 0 1122
Google Chrome is currently the most widely used web browser for surfing the web. Some of the reasons why it has become the most widely used browser ar..
28 Jun What made an Amiga unique 30 years ago and what makes it unique today
dev74 0 1473
Imagine that one morning like many others, you sit in front of your computer maybe in the office to turn it on and start your daily activities as usua..
02 Feb Manage your credentials easily, securely and free of charge
dev74 0 1265
In the previous post on the management of passwords I wanted to launch the moral "Write them on a text document rather than on post-it!" giving a very..
01 Feb How to manage passwords without having nightmares
dev74 0 1290
Probably one of the most widespread dramas among domestic users in this computer age is password management. Many people continue to evade the problem..
12 Dec Fix 1V8 / 3V3 of my ZZ9000 with the track cut !
dev74 0 1492
A few months ago a design problem emerged on the ZZ9000 boards for Amiga, which was immediately reported and extensively documented by MNT Research Gm..
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