There are many ways to share files of all kinds with friends, colleagues or other smart devices, whether it be a single file or an entire folder on your computer, today we can choose from a wide range of services designed to facilitate this type of operation, without resorting to e-mail. A solution that I have recently put into practice, since I have to notify small reports on a daily basis, consists of a few simple steps. I started by saving the files produced in a dedicated folder on my Windows PC, then configured the Automatic BackUp application to transfer the folder to my Synology Server. This way everything I store inside the said folder from time to time will be copied to my Synology Server automatically in real time and without any further action. At this point I shared the cloned folder residing on the Synology Server by generating a link which I then sent to my co-worker via WhatsApp. From now on, when my co-worker wants to see any updates on the daily reports saved, he/she will just have to follow the same link provided, while I will just have to save my file in the folder as in any other case, my Synology NAS Server will take care of the rest.