In this post I would like to give you a little information about the functionality of another small Cisco GateWay voice Over IP that happened to me some time ago. For those who are a little fasting, Voice Over IP or even VoIP is a telephone service that allows virtualization of a telephone line. VoIP consists of an account with a username and password that allows you to manage an associated landline telephone number. Given that this practice has become a bit the common practice for all the major operators of internet and telephony service providers, transmitting your landline number to the data network with the router that they supply to you, I inform you that anyone can opt for a similar solution in total autonomy or by requesting a VoIP number at trivial or free cost and then managing it on your own network with a VoIP GateWay type Cisco SPA122, easy to configure and with Cisco quality. For all those who have opted for a data-only internet access line, thanks to the SPA122 it is possible to make and receive phone calls with any normal landline phone just as if you also had a separate landline. The steps to get your virtual landline are very few:

    Obtain an account and related number from a VoIP service provider like Messagenet, Cloud Italia Orchestra etc.
    Owning a VoIP GateWay like the Cisco SPA122 and configuring the parameters in the GateWay via its integrated configuration utility.
    Call and chat ... blaa blaa blaaaa

Calling with VoIP lines generally costs little, depending on the service provider, you can for example buy a small amount of traffic to call and receive unlimited calls over time. It is a very tempting solution for offices and professionals who want to add a fixed-line number to their business, thus giving a little more authority to the corporate image, etc. It should also be said that many choose to integrate the VoIP service on their SmartPhone with all the advantages that you can well imagine but only if you are very alone ... :)