The innovations recently introduced in DSM, the operating system of storage management and services for Synology NAS servers allow you to manage and work directly via web with spreadsheets and "Word" documents in an easy way and in total safety. The brand new Drive service allows users to create, modify and share documents with other users belonging or not belonging to those registered in the same server in a very simple way and with almost total security offered by the platform. The services for the management and sharing of data on a Synology server are now so powerful to the point that it would be possible to work entire classes of students directly on the server and therefore organize accesses with rights divided for each type of group present in the institute as : direction, teaching staff, assistants, sections, classes, students etc. The control of the contents produced by the students and not only, would always and directly be accessible by the faculty, or authorized, in real time for each operation. The integrated chat to the production suite also allows a powerful means of communication that can be used within the context according to the most varied needs, from control to collaboration in group research among students.

Regardless of content management, the possibility of integrating portal sites and additional Web applications into the server makes the Synology NAS an incredibly versatile and powerful solution even for large companies that need a lot of dynamism in the services requested.