All Amiga users or almost know that printing directly from our computers has become rather difficult if not impossible given that all supported printer models now belong to prehistory and therefore the panorama of Amiga compatible printers today is simply almost non-existent. Fortunately, not everything seems lost! Today, thanks to the modern Google Cloud Print service, it is possible to print directly from our Amigas on any modern printer, obviously the main restriction lies in the fact that the client for now remains only for AmigaOS4 systems, cutting off the classic park.

Summarizing things you need to print:

  • Software gcp.device for AmigaOS 4.1 downloadable from here (Software by Chris Young - [email protected] - Aminet)
  • Amiga with OS4 connected to the internet
  • Google Cloud Print compatible printer
  • Google Chrome on a PC or MAC in the case of a simple printer not compatible with Google Cloud Print

How to proceed in case of classic printer:

  • Launch the GCP_device Installer on Amiga, and wait for the identification code to be entered on Google Cloud Print
  • Open Google Chrome on a PC or MAC and visit the link after authenticating with a google account
  • Associate a printer connected to the PC or MAC
  • Enter the identification code when required and authorize the use of printers with the GCP_device application
  • Wait for the identification to be unlocked on the Amiga and proceed with the installation by configuring the printer on the WorkBench as a postscript for all available settings.

Once the procedure has been completed, it will be possible to print images from Amiga on any modern printer!