Smart Working means working flexibly and comfortably and therefore at times that suit your needs, but not only that, what if we made the place flexible as well as the working hours? Working from home with modern Teleworking solutions that are now available to everyone, we also have the best possible Smart Working solution. In fact, with the modern digital services available today, we can handle almost all the activities we perform in an office, even directly from home, with our Smartphones or Tablets or personal computers. We can launch prints of our documents almost anywhere, we can transfer files and data with almost absolute ease, both thanks to modern data processing software and thanks to the increased use of broadband. With a modest intervention it is possible to prepare the best teleworking solutions for any activity that requires access to a computer for the use of a software service. Whatever your activity, we can quickly enable you to telework at low cost and without necessarily buying new hardware where possible, with advantages that you will no longer do without even when the CoronaVirus emergency stops in the future.

Regardless of modern web-based information sharing services such as social networks, there are IT tools developed to offer maximum flexibility in accessing digital information. These systems provide quick and easy access directly from any device but at the same time keep all your content in your private sphere. Switching through social networks to share your information is by no means a necessary condition but a very simple discretionary choice. Browse our hardware area and discover everything about NAS devices that will allow you to change your lifestyle forever!