After several attempts at the end I found the correct way to achieve the purpose or to obtain the video modes of the ZZ9000 also working on Amiga OS4.1 F.E. on my Amiga 4000 with CyberStormPPC. The card can work as I always suspected, but never having much time available, I have never been able to put all the necessary tests to verify the feasibility at least until today. I started by inserting the latest version of the ZZ9K driver or the zz9000.card file in the Amiga OS4 kickstart drawer so I updated the kicklayout by declaring the new element, then I copied the file containing the settings of all the ZZ9000 graphic modes the Picasso96Settings under the DEVS drawer and I loaded it on the Picasso96Mode. Oops sorry but I had omitted a very small detail: it is essential to declare the zz9000.card driver also in the exclusion list from the JIT otherwise nothing is done ... The first attempts to load the ZZ9000 graphic modes I made them by launching the Monitor (driver / loader) native to the Picasso96 archive for 68k but I imagined that it would not work, then I went to test uaegfx convinced that it was the most suitable for the purpose since which is used right on OS4 for the graphic modes available from the emulation, but the fatal crashes to the system when I went to launch the ScreenMode indicated that I had no hope. After several attempts I set the RTG monitor in Storage with the tooltype boardtype = zz9000 and with great amazement I saw that after the launch the ZZ9000 graphic modes were listed in the screenmode! And without causing "a cataclysmic crash to the system"! Even if after the launch of the RTG monitor, a DSI (Data Storage Interrupt) error is intercepted by the Grim Reaper, this can be skipped without further consequences, at least in appearance. I then transferred the monitor to DEVS / Monitor for enabling at startup and subsequently saved the setting of the WorkBench screen in 16bit FullHD mode. Unfortunately the startup is not smooth in the sense that the DSI error is always generated for which you must click on jump to continue completing the startup-sequence and user-startup but in the end the WorkBench appears in all its splendor at 1920 x 1080 x 16bit! The card shows immediately that it is considerably faster than the CyberVisionPPC that I had before, the windows and applications seem never to be weighed down and click without problems as well as the loading of the icons in png. The applications that previously had difficulty in updating the graphic contents, I refer in particular to those compiled with HollyWood, are now much more fluid and much more usable! Also thanks to the latest driver release of the ZZ9000 which has accelerated many graphic functions by improving the design of the graphic interfaces in addition to the contribution of several other improvements. We notice some shifts in the picture from left to right after some time using applications such as browsers or emulators etc .. Fantastic to see that under Amiga OS4 it is allowed to drag the screen from top to bottom as in the old days, and it's great to see it on the picture in Full HD because it works well (A horizontal pixel along the entire length of the screen is left after moving but being the first one it's not annoying). When I try to drag an FHD screen downwards to see what is behind the system, it freezes for a few seconds, I suppose this is due to the transfer of the entire graphic area in bulk to the routin that performs the operation and being the data bus a little obsolete, it takes a few seconds before you can unlock the screen vertically, but then everything is very fluid! Now only the icing on the cake is missing: Lukas, give us a 24bit in Full HD;)! Interlaced, off-standard, anything is always fine ....;)

How to activate the ZZ9000 on Amiga 4000 with OS4.1 F.E. and CyberStormPPC accelerator card:

  • Attention this article is based on FirmWare and driver ZZ9000 V1.8
  • Starting  amiga OS4 and copy the ZZ9000.card driver to the Amiga OS4.x Kickstart drawer (Latest driver of the ZZ9000 V1.8)
  • From Compatibiliy Settings under Prefs folder, add zz9000.card and click on exclude from jit !
  • Edit kicklayout-A4000 and
    • add the line: MODULE Kickstart / ZZ9000.card
    • disable the line: MODULE Kickstart/BootVGA.kmod (This avoids pressing the ESC key to disable the dbSCAN AGA modes which are not manageable by the ZZ9000 scandoubler)
  • Copy the Picasso96Settings file provided by Lukas under DEVS containing the graphic modes set on the ZZ9000
  • Go to Storage / Monitors, delete all tooltypes from the RTG monitor icon and enter only the following tooltype: BOARDTYPE = ZZ9000
  • Before clicking on the RTG icon to launch make sure that the ZZ9000 settings are seen by Picasso96Mode (Test mode non work) on the Prefs drawer
  • Copy or move the RTG monitor from Storage Monitors to DEVS / Monitors and click on jump DSI when it come on screen

DownLoad Log of Crash Data Storage Interrupt

Real snapshot of my Workbench direct from Amiga 4000