In a typical situation of working on digital documents in a computer workstation, continuing the work on your notebook always poses a problem: I copy the files from my PC and continue ... Today, thanks to the frenetic evolution of information technology, we have numerous services for sharing maaa data! Each "DropBox" Like service to use familiar sounds, assumes that I have to send my data substantially "unencrypted" to third-party servers managed and managed by who knows who. I agree everything is under SSL bla blaa ok. Regardless of all the factors relating to the increasingly delicate and vast sphere of security and privacy, these services cost and are stuffed with often ridiculous stakes and limitations. I preferred to have everything in "home", I created my own "DropBox" without having to pay attention to space quotas, monthly deadlines, adding or not to users, etc. When I work in the office except my work in my Projects folder, I application of the powerful Drive service of the Synology server realizes that I have saved updates and synchronizes the content on all my other devices that authorized access but without deleting the previous versions! When I come home in the evening and I still want to update my work, all I have to do is switch on my notebook and let it sync and upload the work from my Projects folder, which has been updated to the version released with my office PC. I chose the number of versions of my projects to keep in order to be always safe even in the case of infection with a cryptoloker virus, as well as the version rotation mode, and my Synology server takes care of the rest.