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Device that allows manual control of the RPM speed of the fans according to requirements...
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CPU fan with high performance in terms of both airflow and static pressure with RGB LED lighting effects with 9 configurable LEDs that can be synchronised with the motherboard.Technical specifications:Equipped with 7 shark tooth bladesFan speed (RPM): 500 - 2000Air flow (CFM): 77.2 max.Bearing: doub..
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Internal 6-pin power supply extension cable (PCI-E) with black sleeving made of premium quality, high-end UV coating. Elegant cable design customises the PCConnectors: PCI-E 6 pin M/FLength: 30 cmColour: BlackPackage contents: PCI-E extension cable 6 pin black..
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New line of high quality and extremely quiet professional fans; they guarantee an additional air flow without increasing the noise level The fan blades are optimised and precisely balanced and with hydro-dynamic bearings ensure maximum fan silence.Technical specifications:    Bearings..
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Designed for advanced users, Gelid's silent fan with PWM provides additional airflow using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to automatically adjust the fan speed according to CPU load.This technology is more efficient and cost-effective than using an external voltage regulation controller.Each fan has b..
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Silent TC fans provide additional airflow by changing the fan speed according to actual temperature requirements, providing less noise than necessary and maximum cooling. An intelligent circuitry integrated into the fan's PCB allows for variable speed. Each fan has been individually balanced using t..
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This fan is equipped with a unique Hydro Dynamic bearing that ensures quiet operation and long life and also includes high quality PWM control for speed control ranging from a minimum of 900 to a maximum of 1600 rpm. It is supplied with 4 blue LED lights and an on/off switch mounted on the fan..
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GC-PRO is a thermally conductive paste made of pure thermal conductive materials and offers excellent thermal properties. Thanks to its ultra-fine molecular structure, GC-Pro fills spaces more effectively than conventional materials and thus ensures uniform thermal contact with improved heat transfe..
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ICPU-GE-POLAR is a 75mm quiet frameless fan with Gelid's intelligent PWM (Pulse Width Module) control system. The height of only 27mm fits even the thinnest of cases. It features an improved heatsink blade configuration that delivers high-performance 1400 RPM cooling in a compact design. The cooler ..
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