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02 Jul I was looking for an HDMI or DVI output and I found a ZZ9000 !!
dev74 0 24
Looking for a digital output for the video signal of my Amiga 4000 after the various flicker fixer scan doublers out of stock of iComp and nice compan..
02 Jul Strait in the AFA os this summer !?!
dev74 0 8
After the implementation of assignments and various changes to the startup sequences I also landed at the AfA os! I was caught by the graphic accttiva..

Amiga Hardware Refurbished

Semi / passive adapter for the RGB video port of all Amiga ComputersOriginal Commodore as in the photoAmiga 1000 500 600 1200 2000 3000 4000Object use..
Ex Tax:20.00€
Accelerator Card GVP A530 TurboProcessor 68EC030 a 40 MhzCoprocessor Matematic 68882 at 40 Mhz8 MB Fast MemoryController SCSIWith the card is included..
Ex Tax:449.00€
Scheda video Frame Buffer per Amiga 500 o Amiga 500 Plus ECS / OCSLa scheda vanta piena compatibilità con il Kickstart 2.0 mentre con il 3 ed il 3.1 p..
Ex Tax:349.00€
KickStart ROM per Amiga 4000 DeskTopOriginali Amiga International come da fotoVersione 3.1 Rev.: 40.68Oggetto Usato..
Ex Tax:25.00€

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