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Total power supply revision repair for AMIGA system 2 3 and 4000

Total power supply revision repair for AMIGA system 2 3 and 4000

With this service it is possible to obtain the total revision of the power supply of your Amiga. The old original electronics will be replaced with a new electronics from a new AT or ATX power supply. The result will be a new power supply for your Amiga with fully functional original cables and plugs.

Detailed description of the service:

    • Integral replacement of the original electronics with New electronics from new AT or ATX power supply.
    • Modification of the internal air intake at the fan and replacement of the fan with a new low profile version and low noise impact plates
    • Chromed grill insertion with rubber plugs on the air intake
    • Professional gunt for the original Amiga cables and plugs and new power cables from the newly installed electronics
    • Test and verification of voltages
    • Packing and shipping of the feeder to your home with report of work performed (return shipment included in the service only for Italy, for EU you must contact us before buy this service)
    • The revision not only ensures the perfect power supply to the hardware but allows an improvement of the air recirculation especially on the Amiga 4000D systems such that even with additional hardware
    • installed no further ventilation inside the case is needed, the air moved with the internal changes made will be such as to dissipate all the heat generated by a CyberStormPPC with CyberVisionPPC without
    • problems, from tests carried out even after hours of uninterrupted operation the ventilation is such as to keep the left side of the 4000D cold.

    How to proceed:

    • Buy the service
    • Send the defective power supply to the address indicated in the order notification email (shipment at your charge).
    • After a few days you will receive the tested and guaranteed reconditioned power supply!
    • Only for Amiga 2000/3000/4000 both DeskTop and Tower

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