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Personal Sync Drive 50

Personal Sync Drive 50
Personal Sync Drive 50

Up to 50 Gigabytes per user on a monthly subscription basis

It allows you to have a folder on your computer, the contents of which will be automatically synchronized on any other device such as an office computer, tablet or smartphone. The operation is completely similar to dropbox or google drive but in fact your data resides in a totally private server and is not shared with any third party service or server.

This service allows you to manage up to 50GB of data in the folder you intend to share with other devices. It is possible to add space instantly and without having to make any changes or configurations to the software by going upstairs. In case the space is not sufficient anyway contact us and we will adjust the quotas according to your needs.

This service allows you to get a backup copy of the synchronized data on the support server for synchronization.

Personal Sync Drive is compatible with RT-BackUp so both services can work both to synchronize data and to obtain different backup copies of data in multiple chronological versions.

Both services can be activated simultaneously by choosing a discounted single payment profile for both services with the same capacity profile for your data.

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