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26 Nov Make easy calls with Cisco SPA122 ...
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In this post I would like to give you a little information about the functionality of another small Cisco GateWay voice Over IP that happened to me so..
16 Nov All practical advantages of a ZZ9000 inside an Amiga 2/3/4000
dev74 0 25
"Many" wonder or think if a card like the ZZ9000 designed and baked in 2019 will eventually bring concrete and practical advantages and usefulness to ..
04 Nov Aros Total Work !
dev74 0 67
Work in progress.....
23 Oct Inside ZZ9000...
dev74 0 258
Always driven by curiosity to discover new worlds, a few days ago I set to work trying to compile the C sources published by Lukas on my own. Of cours..
11 Oct The best free alternatives to AutoCAD
dev74 0 81
Work in progress.....
09 Oct Print from AmigaOS4 on any modern printer!
dev74 0 118
All Amiga users or almost know that printing directly from our computers has become rather difficult if not impossible given that all supported prin..
01 Oct ZZ9000 installation on Amiga 4000 and 68K road test!
dev74 0 275
Yes, after a decent wait, one of the first 300 ZZ9000s produced by Lukas F. Hartmann arrived! DHL tried to deliver it to me twice, but not being at ho..
27 Jul From CyberVisionPPC to ZZ9000 passing through AGA...
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Good after having developed the idea that this great hardware innovation (Video Card ZZ9000) is much more than what I was looking for to seriously res..
22 Jul Synology as perfect solutions for any school
dev74 0 277
The innovations recently introduced in DSM, the operating system of storage management and services for Synology NAS servers allow you to manage and w..
02 Jul I was looking for an HDMI or DVI output and I found a ZZ9000 !!
dev74 0 318
Looking for a digital output for the video signal of my Amiga 4000 after the various flicker fixer scan doublers out of stock of iComp and nice compan..
02 Jul Strait in the AFA os this summer !?!
dev74 0 137
After the implementation of assignments and various changes to the startup sequences I also landed at the AfA os! I was caught by the graphic accttiva..
14 Jun Your projects always up to date...
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In a typical situation of working on digital documents in a computer workstation, continuing the work on your notebook always poses a problem: I copy ..
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