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27 Jul From CyberVisionPPC to ZZ9000 passing through AGA...
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Good after having developed the idea that this great hardware innovation (Video Card ZZ9000) is much more than what I was looking for to seriously res..
22 Jul Synology as perfect solutions for any school
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The innovations recently introduced in DSM, the operating system of storage management and services for Synology NAS servers allow you to manage and w..
02 Jul I was looking for an HDMI or DVI output and I found a ZZ9000 !!
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Looking for a digital output for the video signal of my Amiga 4000 after the various flicker fixer scan doublers out of stock of iComp and nice compan..
02 Jul Strait in the AFA os this summer !?!
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After the implementation of assignments and various changes to the startup sequences I also landed at the AfA os! I was caught by the graphic accttiva..
14 Jun Your projects always up to date...
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Continuing the work on your notebook always poses a problem: I copy the files from my PC and continue ... Today, thanks to the frenetic evolution of i..
20 Dec How I protect you from Ransomware threats
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I don't know if you've ever heard or read this word "ramsonware" somewhere, but you've certainly heard of computer viruses, and in this case those of ..
03 Dec Quando servirsi di GoogleDrive o qualsiasi altro servizio simile...
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Chi ha dato una letta alle pagine su SecuritySmartBox fino ad ora pubblicate, avrà sicuramente intuito che disporre di un servizio di sincronizzazio..
02 Dec Make automatic sharing files...
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There are many ways to share files with your colleague, be it a file or an entire folder on your computer without using e-mail all the Holy times to u..
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