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FastLane Z3 Phase 5 SCSI Controller and Memory Expansion Board for Commodore Amiga 3000 and 4000

FastLane Z3 Phase 5 SCSI Controller and Memory Expansion Board for Commodore Amiga 3000 and 4000

The Z3 FastLane is a Zorro III Fast SCSI-II DMA controller for the A3000 or A4000 with transfer rates of approximately 7MB/sec Asynchronous and 10MB/sec synchronous operation. It provides you with an internal 50pin SCSI connector, and an external 50pin Centronics style SCSI connector. It will support devices with SCSI, SCSI-2 and Fast SCSI-2 interfaces. It also has provision for up to 64MB memory or 256MB with an optional upgrade, in the form of standard 30-pin SIMM modules. RAM speeds supported are 60, 80 or 100ns. The 256MB RAM upgrade option consists of replacing the ROM with a version that supports 256MB and also some of the memory (GAL) addressing chips. After the memory upgrade it will no longer accept 1MB SIMMs and 4MB or 16MB SIMMS must be used. Unfortunately, even at the time the Fastlane was released, 16MB 30pin SIMMs were extremely expensive and nearly impossible to get hold of. This probably holds true today.

It is compatible with Buster revisions -09, -10 or -11, however as with all Zorro III devices, buster Rev 11 is highly recommended to due it's increased reliability and suffers less from bugs which plague earlier versions.

Note: In order to use the Fastlane in machines with an 060 processor, the card requires at least Version 8 of the firmware (8.5 is the latest). V2.4 cards should already have the appropriate firmware on the card, however V2.1 and V2.2 cards require the firmware to be upgraded. Unfortunately, the only way to do this is by burning a new EPROM and replacing the existing one on the card. You can still however use RAM on the card, regardless of the firmware version, even if you have an 060.

For fitting inside the A4000/040 with version 3.0 68040 processor boards, a 74FCT240 clock driver chip is also provided. This replaces the original 74FCT244 chip at position U103 on the motherboard, directly under the processor daughter-board

Real photos of the board in excellent condition, disassembled from a working Amiga 4000, comes with two 30 pin RAM modules exactly as in the photo.

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