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Everything for Teleworking and Smart Working !

Are you ready to remote control your PC ?

We set up your IT infrastructure so that you can work with the remote desktop of your daily workstation in total security.

Smart and Simply

We realize your web project according to the most modern current standards, we optimize each component to obtain the maximum performance with the lowest possible cost.

Always Security

We can implement any of your projects or ideas from the website, blog, e-commerce or management to get to real applications for both PC and Android. Thanks to our scalable and versatile infrastructure, we immediately create your prototypes online.

Without Limits or Surperese

Service with no time limits and no limits of sessions, no surprises ! We charge a fee as a contribution to the work of configuration and activation of services then you can use them as many times as you want unlimitedly without having to pay subscriptions licenses anymore.

Smart Working and Teleworking with the latest generation of devices developed to give you maximum flexibility and security at low cost and easily recoverable.

The investment in technologies for teleworking and SmartWorking is among those with a substantially certain return, in fact with the cancellation of expenses to reach your office you will recover in a short time the costs incurred to set up the system !

Why choose our Smart Working and Tele Lavoro solutions:

Our Smart Working and Tele Lavoro solutions are based on technologies that have been designed and integrated with the basic operating systems since their creation. This means that to create remote access services to your computer systems we do not use extra or third party software, wherever possible and except for the remote activation phase only. Our criteria for the reralization of services for teleworking and smartworking give as a final result the possibility to obtain remote access in total autonomy of type P2P or Peer To Peer, without any external dependence, without any triangulation with proxy servers and moreover in total security because the connections are always encrypted, all this also translates into the fact that after the activation costs, you will no longer be subject to additional licenses or subscriptions of any kind to use the remote access service.

Some services can be requested remotely:

Teleworking & Smart Working Remote Enabling
Novelty !
If possible thanks to a temporary remote access and control software we can configure your computer and your local network remotely and allow you to r..
Ex Tax:49.00€
Questo servizio ti permette di supporto e assistenza tecnica mediante interventi in remoto al tuo computer.Mediante la connettività in remoto potran..
Ex Tax:296.00€
One-time remote support service
>>> GRATIS !!!
This service allows you to solve software-related problems through an intervention with a remote connection to the desktop of your computer.If the p..
Ex Tax:0.00€
Previo accesso da remoto del Server per il quale viene richiesto il servizio sarnno svolte le attività per rendere operativo il vostro server qual..
Ex Tax:249.00€