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Have you ever thought of renovating your online shop ?

Sales are falling and are no longer what they used to be and the reason for this is often due to the natural evolution of time. As well as any activity that addresses the public needs to restructure its premises and its shop windows after a few years, eComerce sites also need to innovate and impress the novelties that technology makes available from time to time.

The fastest cart on the web !

The eCommerce solutions that we propose are based on a CMS that offers extreme speed on the Web, this translates into an easy and browseable product catalog very quickly. The purchase made with a high level of performance guarantees an optimal user experience and a high probability of return.

No Limits !

No limits for your catalogue, for your categories for your items as well as for the payment and shipping methods you will be able to offer your customers.

Support 24/7/365

The support formula includes the administration of all services related to your eCommerce from email to your domain via the contact form, everything will be under strict control at all times.

Why choose DEV74 to make your e-Commerce:

Our e-Commerce solutions are based on a specific CMS, Opencart, little known but implemented quickly and extremely complete. Our specialization on this CMS, together with the experience gained in the development of its best plugins, allows us to offer a highly professional service full of essential features at very low costs.

Why our eCommerce services offers a secure success ?

Why we design and implement your eCommerce based on the key elements that have already characterized the success of many others

that's what they are:

Your distinctive logo

We design your distinctive graphic logo together so that it is clear, expressive and appealing to your customers.

Your promotions

We study the best promotional policy for your products and services, a strategy consisting of advertising campaigns discounts that cover both the purchase phases and any related services such as shipping.

Your news

We study the best way to always highlight the news you want to sell on your eCommerce, giving the customer the right motivation to come back and stay updated.

Select the most famous brands

We will suggest you one of the best known brands among those in your store's sector to attract more customers.

Customer area

Our solutions will allow you to offer a special area dedicated to each individual customer where they can independently access their orders and dedicated discounts and many other useful information to continue shopping in total safety and speed.

Your payment methods

Basically you will be able to accept all the best credit cards in circulation today without giving up any other possible payment method from bank transfer to cash on delivery always in total security and with the most modern anti-fraud systems.

Expand your physical store and multiply your turnover!

Putting an e-Commerce alongside your shop or business means you can start multiplying your turnover right away for several reasons: this sales channel has no closing hours, receives customers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, allows you to publicise your business without costs or dedicated invetments, and builds customer loyalty in a completely natural way ! Whether your business consists of the sale of material goods or services, e-Commerce is a plus that brings countless advantages and new revenue to your business, increasing its overall value.

Sell products and services on the web now !

Tutto quello che serve per aprire eCommerce OnLine e vendere subito !Vendi subito i tuoi prodotti OnLine con il tuo eCommerce Smart senza investimento !Piattaforma eCommerce Professionale con interfacciamento ai principali GateWay di Pagamento ST..
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Tutto quello che serve per aprire il canale di vendita online Buisness To BuisnessCanale WholeSale / Ingrosso Online Piattaforma eCommerce Professionale con interfacciamento ai principali GateWay di Pagamento STRIPE & P..
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Professional e-Commerce at Monthly Fee
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Professional eCommerce OnLine without compromise without setup costs !Professional eCommerce platform with interfacing to the main GateWay Payment STRIPE & PayPal so VISA MASTERCARD etc...Total customization of the graphic theme with advanced fea..
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Classic, Drop Shipping, Multi Marketpalce, whatever is your ideal e-Commerce we help you to realize it...