In recent years, the cryptocurrency trend has gained momentum and in fact we are hearing more and more about it. But what are cryptocurrencies and how do they work ? Without elaborating, we can say that it is a form of entirely digital currency, which is enhanced by the very mechanism of storage and validation, namely the BlockChain. The BlockChain is essentially a data archive structured in blocks, which are intimately connected by a code that prevents modification or any other kind of manipulation; once a new block is added to the block chain, it undergoes a cryptographic signature left by its predecessor and so on. In this way, every transaction contained in the blockchain that has been validated is stored forever, without the possibility that it can be manipulated or altered. Another fundamental feature of the BlockChain is that it can be stored and replicated in multiple servers, in order to ensure, in any case, safe access to data. Today, contrary to 2009, when the first and most important cryptocurrency on the planet, BitCoin, was born, there are many ways and services to access the crypto world safely and without any particular preparation. Exchanges are structured web platforms that offer many services to sell and buy cryptocurrency, but not only. Among the most important exchanges we can mention Binance, Coinbase and

The latter is a project born in late 2018 with the purpose of offering payment services and cacheback rewards in cryptocurrency to its customers/users. Today, the platform presents itself with an offer that ranges from simple exchange to trading passing through several savings and loan services, entirely focused on cryptocurrency, with a particular focus on its dedicated token, the CRO.'s services have their operational and functional center on an App for Android and iOS devices accompanied by two other Apps, one of which is intended to provide trading services and the other is a standalone walllet that can be used for storing CRO, as well as for many other cryptocurrencies starting from Bitcoin etc..

Summarizing we have the following Apps: (Main indispensable App) Exchange (For trading) DEFI Wallet (To hold and manage our cryptocurrency assets and more)

The application is extremely well structured, both from the aesthetic point of view and from the purely functional one. It is clear that behind the functions there is care and attention in programming, no aspect is left to chance and perhaps the security could also seem a bit paranoid since authentication is required for each access, regardless of the fact that you decide to switch to another App and then return immediately to without closing it.

So, as mentioned earlier, today thanks to, anyone can access the world of crypto and decentralized finance with virtually no risk, no cost and no special training, but not only that... and now I'll explain how and why. The service is designed to incentivize access and adherence to passive annuity systems. There is a proven and simple referral system so that those who sign up with the referral code of those who already have an account are entitled to the value in CRO equivalent to $ 25. These CROs will be credited immediately to the new account, but will be blocked until you decide to stake at least 350$ worth of CRO. As in, take this $25 as a gift if you decide to stake at least $350. Staking 350€ value in CRO means to earn for a period of 3 months the above mentioned sum with an annual interest of 6%, which makes any interest on deposit accounts offered by our dear banks look like what it really is: a joke. It must be said that the CRO is a cryptocurrency, a token with a discrete volatility, which means that our investment can easily revalue and grow in value as quickly as decrease, but the general trend of cryptocurrency is quite different, as well as BitCoin has been teaching us for years. Considering that signing up and opening an account on is absolutely free, as it is for every service of this kind, see Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin etc., it's easy to understand that the approach is essentially risk-free. It is also possible to buy cryptocurrency with credit cards on, without any commission, within the first month of account opening, or you can transfer funds directly with a SEPA transfer to our own specially provided European IBAN. Among the various options and services, also provides a number of credit cards that can be recharged directly from the App, by transferring funds from your crypto wallet or DEFI account. After the first month, to avoid the fees imposed by the cards, it will be convenient to transfer money via SEPA transfer. The deposit can be used both to buy crypto currency, from CRO to Bitcoin, as well as Ethereum, Cardano and many other AltCoins, and to create other deposits, which in the case of stable coins, such as Teter, would constitute a real deposit account remunerated at 10% per year. Stable coins are nothing but cryptocurrencies with a 1:1 ratio to the US dollar, so it is understood that a strategy of this type would allow us to keep away the volatility of crypto from our deposit without giving up the monstrous 10% per year. If you choose to use a VISA reloadable credit card to make purchases both online and at physical stores, you are always entitled to a cacheback that is liquidated instantly in CRO currency and very well accounted for on the app. There are several types of credit cards available, from the purely virtual one with a 1% cacheback to the more lucrative physical metal card that allows you to receive a hefty 8% cacheback! Of course they have no fixed costs such as annual fees or issuance costs, they are FREE. But let's see in detail the cards and their requirements to obtain them:

  • Midnight Blue: immediately available even without any deposit, it offers 1% cacheback and you can get it without having a stake fund, it can also be just virtual and eventually, if required, a physical PVC card will be sent (for free!). In simple terms it means that opening an Account on allows you to have a real reloadable VISA card without major limitations, without costs of any kind ! No fees, no charges, and if you don't pay commissions for making transfers from your bank, reloads are also totally free.
  • Ruby Steel: can be requested if you have at least 350€ value in CRO in stakes for at least 180 days, it allows you to get a 2% cacheback and the total refund of a Spotify subscription, this can also be used immediately once the details are assigned on the App, without having it physically, but obviously only for online shopping.
  • Royal Indigo & Jade Green: Applicable for those who have a CRO fund in stake of at least 3500€, it allows you to get a 3% cacheback and full refund of a Spotify and Netflix subscription, a metal card is sent.
  • Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White: reserved for those who have in stake for at least 180 days at least 35000€ of CRO and allows you to get a 5% cacheback and 100% refund on Spotify Netflix Amazon Prime, 10% on Expedia as well as a range of extra services ranging from access to VIP lounges at airports to access to information relating to large capitals etc..
  • Obsidian for the young Elon Musk who have in stake for 180 days at least 350000€ of CRO, allows you to get a cacheback of 8%, all the privileges of the previous card plus 10% refund on AirBnB

So far it is well understood that there is no shortage of ways to spend money, but what if we wanted to close our position on with a credit back to our bank account ? On the App the first thing that jumps to the eye is the indicator of the total amount of our assets, this value indicates the sum of all our accounts both of the wallet and of any FIAT deposits or funds in Stake or in the Earn channel etc.. Immediately below we find two little buttons a bit like in the room of the Architect of The Matrix, the one on the left allows us to operate on the listed cryptocurrencies, the one on the right allows us to transfer funds both in and out of including the direct transfer to our ordinary bank account.

As far as I'm concerned, is among the most solid projects behind an AltCoin, the CRO, which demonstrates a distinct tendency to expand the services and value of the entire crypto ecosystem itself. The numbers from both the staff actively working there and the market speak for themselves, a great opportunity for everyone.

If you want to get started right away with here is the link with the referral code that will allow you to get $25 in CRO currency as soon as you are eligible.