Looking for a digital output for the video signal of my Amiga 4000 after the various flicker fixer scan doublers out of stock of iComp and nice company I came across something far more radical! A brand new video card for the Amiga 3000/4000 for Zorro II & III slots with lots of hardware on board! Maybe too much ? Or maybe not the fact is that the card is really interesting, based on the Xilinx ZYNQ XC7Z020 chip that from what I've read it would seem an FPGA with two integrated ARM Cortex-A9 coprocessors (DDR3 memory woow) ... at the beginning I didn't understand l 'hardware in this sense ... but ok let's go ahead, in addition to that according to the manufacturer we have a slot for SD cards, an ethrnet port (it should be fast ethrnet but never seen that we find the gigabit?) and two usb ports all topped off with 1 nice GigaByte of DDR3 memory. Really exceptional the endowment, the first thing I thought is that it would have been the case to make also a light version without the SD / usb / ethrnet card package seen and considered that often that has a 2/3/4000 nowadays an ethrnet card must have already been mounted for some time. In any case the idea is fantastic because on a Zorro slot we actually have 4 functions! The manufacturer's idea of ​​using the integrated coprocessors to accelerate the reproduction of mpeg jpeg mp3 etc ... is truly remarkable. But this project of his is even more worthwhile!